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By Anonymous
why does the final boss link lead to soul of cinder on the ds 3 wiki?
By Anonymous
because its your fate
By Anonymous
Alpha and omega
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By Anonymous
"Kill off NPCs to obtain their equipments and souls." This is a terrible advice as the character tendency does NOT reset in a new cycle and with Black chara tendency the game is much much harder.
By Anonymous
This 100%. That’s Dark Souls Advice. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are no NPC drops which can’t be found in game. As poster shared, Character Tendency and World Tendency carry over. If you are not familiar with world/character tendency, this could make NG+ excruciatingly challenging.
By Anonymous
That's true. I did the Mephistopheles quest on NG and started NG+ with PBCT and it's been a lot harder than NG.
By Anonymous
You guys are forgetting how easy it is to change your world/character tendency. I stayed within meta and get invaded all the time still in almost every area, which is welcome for me.
By Anonymous
Do NOT kill off NPCs prior to NG+ unless you are VERY familiar with character and world tendency. In Dark Souls, doing this is fine since staring next journey expunges sin. In Demon’s Souls, Character and World Tendency DO NOT RESET with second and subsequent journeys. Going -3, -7 character or world tendency, or both will dramatically increase enemy attack power, enemy line of sight range, will lower your effective combat power, and HP.
By Anonymous
Edit: additionally important to note are the appearances of NPC Black Phantoms in pure black world tendency. E.g., 1-1 Black phantom outside mausoleum doors to Old King or Black Phantom skellies at start of Shrine of Storms.
By Anonymous
I wish I have read this before killing NPC, because in NG+ , my world tendency is pure black, and I have been killed in one hit most of the time.
By Anonymous
Any idea to be a pure White in NG+ ?
By Anonymous
To get pure white offline you have to kill the black phantoms in pure black tendency I had to do this through many Ng starting from Ng2 to Ng 4 GL
By Anonymous
I just got started with the game on PS5 and purchased the digital deluxe edition. I played the original years ago but forgot everything, so I started with a knight/strength build and just beat Phalanx. I have 3 questions I was hoping someone could help answer:
1) Was wondering which build would be best suited to maximize the digital deluxe bonus items?
2) Is there are a stat progression or upgrade path I should follow? I'm trying to understand when I would need to have secondary stats at their recommended levels (i.e. - miracles).
3) It appears I would better served by consuming the Phalanx demon soul, since I already have a better weapon in the bonus weapon vs. the trade-in reward -Is that correct? Also Is this how I should evaluate all boss souls, or is this the only one I should consume?
Thank you for your help.
By Anonymous
There’s no specific stat progression you have to follow, build your character how you want. I’m doing a faith/strength build.. I put a few points in vit but I’m mostly focusing on strength and endurance to be able to use the weapons I want. I plan on using healing miricals so I’m upgrading that too.
By Anonymous
I’m using miracles/adjudicator/regen ring to supplement my character’s health so I can focus on my strength to smash through everything
By Anonymous
Don’t use boss souls. You can create really powerful weapons that are much better than the digital deluxe edition items. Also make whatever build you want my character is a tacky twink character with old king dorans armour and demonbrandt
By Anonymous
Man you are asking how to build man I have one mage hybrid caster and I have two other ideas in my head please git gud
By Anonymous
Can you summon someone that is in new game plus?
By Anonymous
Yes you can be summoned and summon friends from original to new game plus
By Anedime
If they're within the summoning range (Or password matchmade outside of it) yes.
By Anonymous
Really feel that NG and NG+ Are separated in non-password multiplayer. There’s no action in NG at higher levels and this changes completely in NG+
By Anonymous
I've been in NG and been summoned as a blue phantom into what must be NG+++ or more. I was trying to help with bosses and only dealing small slivers of damage to their health bar.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
I invaded a guy who had to be in new game ++ because he had penetrator armor in stone fang tunnel. I beat him too bc northern regalia is OP. :)
By Anonymous
Do you get more souls in new game+ ?
By Anonymous
yes, and this should be added here.
By Anonymous
Will New Game Plus start immediately after defeating King Allant if he's the last boss? How do I forge Northern Regalia before NG+ if I don't get Soulbrandt until after I defeat King Allant?
By Anonymous
You can use an Archstone Shard to exit the Old One's lair and return to the Nexus after beating True King Allant and obtaining Soulbrandt. Then obtain Northern Regalia upon your return and warp back the Old One's lair to complete the game. NG+ will begin after the credits.
By Anonymous
If you don't have an Archstone Shard you can use the miracle Evacuate.
By Anonymous
Can I Still Trade With Sparkly The Crow In NG+ To Get The Providential Ring??
By Anonymous