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By Anonymous
1. Buy the boss' armor from The Beggar in Castle of Storms for 200k gold (or 150k if you don't like wearing helmets like me).
2. Upgrade that **** to the max (requires drowned-series upgrade items).
3. Be a boss in your next playtrough in a quest to make every sanctuary on the island into a Betrayer creed sanctuary.
4. Upon beating The Nameless God that this is eminently purposeless as you are trapped in a limbo.
5. Go join the goldfaced, wineswallowing drunks.
6. Spread joy and prosperity to the island in your next playthrough.
By Anonymous
complete the game as an enemy. using a save editor i gave myself the kraeken knights armor and wepons at the first sanctuary and im playing the game using only that. im also making up a little story how my character was one of the knights patrolling the land but then said "screw it" and rebelled
By Anonymous
an actual challenge would be to complete the game as a vilehawk