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how do i get the wepon from the soul i dont know who to give it to
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welp, depend on the boss soul you have, you will need a +10 of that kind of weapon to make it a boss soul weapon with the help of Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo, Fextralife has a list of boss soul weapons and kind of weapon needed, hope this help bro
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whoever has this idea to make Sif not an optional boss and him being limping when low health, I HATE YOU
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my heart broke apart when he started limping while on low health, I HATE THIS FIGHT TOO MAN
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I hate this fight. The doggo starts limping at low hp. What sick bastard thought this was a good idea?? As if, just killing a dog protecting it's dead master's grave was not enough.
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By SoulOfCinderGaming
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Look I think Sif is a cool character (Way too over hyped) but people legit only like this boss fight because its a dog swinging a stick in its mouth if it wasn't that then people would hate it since its just a drawn out boring game of dodge a slow sword slash then hit him a few times in the leg then he jumps like a crack addict at a 7/11 gas station then proceeds to runs up to you and uppercuts you then jumps back rinse and repeat
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Haha giant sword puppy go brrrrr
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yeah true, pretty stupid for such a beloved "character" and an important one for the lore. What they could have done is have Sif drop and pick up the sword at certain points of the fight but that probably would have been to difficult to make, and the developers could have seen it as too annoying for the players
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It was pretty cool for its time. Definitely overhyped tho the boss fight as a melee character is a bit of a gag
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i want to do an artorias build/ cosplay and i was wondering how i can get both shield and sword? do i need to do ng+ or should i use sif soul for great shield and artorias soul for great sword, or something entirely different, would love an answer soon thanks
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yes you have to new game plus for any soul items you want all versions of
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Know I'm way too late to be relevant but for anybody else wondering you could get the cleansing great shield (which is just artorias's shield but cleaner looking) by saving Sif in the chasm of the abyss then use Sif's soul to make the greatsword allowing you to do an artorias cosplay at NG0