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In a paragraph above it is stated that mimics to not respawn, while in the Location shart near the bottom of the page it says that they do respawn. Wich one is true?
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they don't
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By AntonShea53
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I've edited the location chart, it should now be listed that none of them respawn.
By Anonymous
i think the one at Anor Londo respawns
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The miracle, Lightning Spear, is not a mimic drop, particularly the one in Sen's Fortress. Instead, it drops a "Lightning" Spear, a thrust weapon that is enchanted with lightning.
By vooo
mimic do not respawn.
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Should be noted that mimics are immune to black firebombs
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yeah man
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Thank you for your contribution.
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Should probably be listed that Symbol of Avarice is guaranteed to drop from the last mimic if you kill all of them (not including the ones in Oolacile)
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Noticed that with the mimic in anor londo near havel's set, you can get the "open" prompt to reappear sometimes after the mimic has been killed. Unfortunately doesn't provide extra items upon "opening" that I know of and not sure if affects other minic locations.
By Anonymous
Killed all of them, just watched a youtube video with all locations, went to most of them I wasn't sure I have killed, all dead. I have all of their items too... :(
Btw it is a ps3 unpatched version, no dlc.
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