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By Anonymous
Do you think if you where giving a genuine headpat it would start to actually hug you back? Instead of it trying to eat you when you forfully jank it's mouth open.

I mean it is giving you already it's items if you put it to sleep. So...
By Anonymous
I f***ing open a f***ing treasure chest in Sen’s f***ing Fortess, and then I get f***ing r***d to death!!! F*** this s***ty-a** game!!!
By Anonymous
skill issue
By Anonymous
I'm new to the game, and was able to figure this out quite easily and kill them all. Get good you failure.
By Anonymous
That's what you get you mimic abuser. How dare you whine that it killed you when you forcefully try't to open it's mouth.
By Anonymous
Does tapping R1/L1 change if your controls are different from the default?
By Anonymous
Fun fact: when Mimics attack you, they laugh like the Gremlins from Quake 1. When I played the Q1 remaster last year and I encountered the Gremlins, I could've swore I heard that laugh somewhere. Today I happened to realize it was the Mimics that were laughing like that.
By Anonymous
Mimic victom: i hate these boxes i hope they never return in any fromsoft game EVER AGAIN!!!!

mimic adepter: Ah your chains point at me and you are breathing your mouth up and down! Yea your death give me that loot your hiding you monster!

Mimic friend: you saved me in pvp, gave me your item, and headwear, after i gave you sweet dreams by the help of the lloyd's talisman. While you where never attacking me. Even though i was standing still infrond of you for an hour, so i decided, i'll never attack you or your kind ever again! becease you are great to have around!

Mimic fan: i will honour your legacy, and wise way of the mimic! And i'll even cosplay you to show respect for what you have teached me!

Mimic lover: i will defend you with my life! you are alive, and deserve to live a happy life! Infact i'll invade others just to protect your species!

Me: i miss the mimic cheast in elden ring! And plz bring them back in another game fromsoft plz!!! T_T
By Anonymous
God damn
By Anonymous
Killed all mimics,none of them dropped the symbol of avarice.Doubt its a guaranteed drop from the last one killed
Pd:i've played with many different characters and i always had at least one.Bad luck this time i guess
By Anonymous
Mimics sure had a black karate belt before
By Anonymous
The best enemies in souls.

And to be honest the most tragic/ misunderstood enemies too.

Since these mimic's are never hostie to you unless you are the fool to open there mouths. It's nothing but self defense these box guy's do. And they never attack you after there grab failed to kill you the 1st time, unless you try to open there mouth's again.

Even when you stand infrond of a mimic for a long time it never try's to kill you by surprise, but instead just wants to sleep peacefully.

Only when attacked are they truely awake and trying to kill you. But can you really blame them For being a bit angry at you?

So i decided to give a propper respect to these enemies. And just use a undead hunter charm to give them sweet dreams. And for doing so they thank me by giving me not only there item they had guarded, but also there headwear
To help me find better loot around the land.

And seeing them snor cutley, when they sleep deeply by the undead hunter charm makes me happy to help somthing out, and giving it sweet dreams.

I love these enemies. There the best friends to invaders since they can help defend the mimics from dying to a host. And i would definitely want a pet mimic in real life if that was possible, so we could karate kick rude basterds together.
By Anonymous
all i hear when they eat me is nom nom nom om nom