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I beat the game a few weeks ago and am in the middle on anew Game Plus. Just wondering what the community thinks about bosses. My favorites are Gehrman and Vicar Amelia as they are just so fun to fight and both have unforgettable scores. My least favorite is Micolash as you just spend a half hour running around the same hallways. But what about you, name your favorite or least favorite in the comments.


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The ones I find most boring are also very intriguing due to how different they are. Witches of Hemwick and Micolash fall on that category.

If I have to go for stellar bosses that stick in my memory, I would go with Gascoigne and Maria.

Worst for me was either Lawrence on NG++ or defiled Amygdala. Lost the count of how many times those two wrecked me.


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I did a small piece on this a long time ago. I think it's still relevant

my best boss is evaluated not so much by its difficulty, but by what it is as a Soulsborne boss. That boss, is Father Gascoigne. To start off, Gascoigne is, mechanically, a very fun boss to fight. He’s fast, powerful, and very dynamic, acting as the first hunter boss you fight, fighting as a hunter, against a hunter, doing everything you can in his own way, and more. Just like you, he shifts weapon forms through the course of the battle, changing his fighting style, through three different forms, axe, halberd, and then beast. The music all the while is tense, and puts you in the mood that the battle wants you to be in, and the arena just reeks of death and fear in the most classic Horror movie setting, a blood soaked graveyard, filled with tombstones, dead trees, and a maddened axe killer. But the fight itself isn’t the only thing that makes me love this boss, it is also what he is as a symbol, what he represents as a boss in Bloodborne, and the Soulsborne games.

To me, he represents everything that is Bloodborne, and the Soulsborne games in general. Bloodborne is a “Souls” game that, as one of the highly anticipated and needed games for the PS4, brought in many new players and potential fans for the Souls games, and Gascoigne was right there in the beginning to meet us all. He was the first big challenge to the new players of the game. To players new to the Souls games, he was the boss that showed them what Souls games are all about. They don’t hold your hand and they don’t pull punches. If you want to beat this game, you need to have skills, determination, and balls of steel, able to take the hit, and get right back up for more. To Souls veterans, Gascoigne was their wake up call, showing them defense and patience are not going to win Bloodborne. You have to jump in there, hit hard, and hit fast. Although Gascoigne isn’t hard relative to other bosses in the game, he was really hard relative to the beginning, showing new players just how hard this game can be, and what they’re getting into.

That is how Gascoigne represents Bloodborne and Souls games mechanically, but then there’s what he represents story wise, and tone wise. In Bloodborne, the player is a hunter, thrown into a world of beasts and blood without knowledge or history. All you know is that you need to kill beasts, after all, that’s just what hunters do. This is made clear with the first boss, the Cleric beast. It is a savage monster, devoid of humanity, a blood crazed beast to hunt and slaughter, and your first big step to embracing the hunt. But then there’s Gascoigne. He is no mere beast; he is a hunter, armed with hunter tools and skilled in their ways of combat, just like you, but better. He is your superior, an elder hunter who knows the hunt far more than you, but he is still more. He is like you, a stranger to Yharnam made hunter, but he is also a father, with two young daughters, and a loving wife, a wife who he himself kills as a result of the hunt, and the blood. He is driven mad by the bloodlust, and turned into one of the beasts he hunts.

He shows the player just what being a hunter really is, not just simple killing of beasts, but a dangerous profession that strips you of your humanity and sanity, and makes you no more than a monster yourself. He calls the question of the morality of being a hunter, and just who the real beasts are (later made more apparent by Djura). Gascoigne shows players that Bloodborne, and the Souls games in general, are not black and white. There is no distinct “good” or “evil”, just you, and the horrifying world you are thrust into, how you survive it, and how you conquer it.
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The Living Failures are among the worst bosses but I love fighting them because of the music.


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fav: Maria
not: ROM. esp chalice ROM
Favorites are Orphan and Gherman. Least favorites are the one reborn because of how nasty it is and micolash because of the BS


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As a rule I hate ANY oversized "monster" boss in this game. I just can't for the life of me manage the timing to get close and do any damage. The worst is probably that Darkbeast (the one with all the bolt AOE).

I'm with Eldrich on Gascoigne. For me the bosses just went downhill after him. He was fast and tough, but you always felt like you were at least in the fight. Maria could have been on par with Gascoigne, but her teleport attacks were just too cheap. The whole thing devolves into dodge-left, dodge-left, dodge-left.

80% of the boss fights in this game just annoy me, and it's the single reason I've only every played characters who give me ranged options like Arcane and the Bowblade build. I love the melee part when it comes to GETTING TO the boss, but fighting it just feels like work.
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I'm still on my first playthrough of the game and haven't made it to the final bosses just yet. I agree with Eldritch on Gascoigne, however, I really enjoy a challenge and the biggest challenge I have faced so far in this game is Ebrietas. She reminds me a lot of Darkeater Midir in DS3, the moveset and in particular the charge up rush attack. The thing I love about this fight is that it requires precise timing and the arena's small enclosed space forces you to be mindful of your positioning while trying to dodge and counter attacks from Ebrietas. It's just an all around fun and exhilarating experience. Out of all the bosses I've fought so far in this game I've died to her the most, but that feeling of finally conquering her and winning was incomparable and is what I live for in the SoulsBorne series. That's why so far she is my favorite boss and will be until I come across my next. As far as my least favorite that would have to be the Celestial Emissary... it's just a BS mob fight that takes little to no effort and isn't very fun in my opinion.


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Least favorite: ROM, weird, just weird in an annoying way. I love the lore about insight, though

Favorite: Vicar Amelia, love her story line, and it was so surprising to see a small vicar turn into a giant white wolf-beast the first time i approached her. I also love using fire paper and smacking her knees.