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Started with the Sellsword increased up to lvl 15 I have not upgraded any weapons but I have infused a few. I'm looking for some help to defeat High Lord Wolnir. I have the basic concept down of getting the bracelets asap but seem to be having issues lol. if someone could help or shoot me some advice that would be awesome. Thanks.

Also trying not to go over lvl 15 @ this point and time :)



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Are you trying to do a challenge run? Because right now you're doing a challenge run.

My best advice is to go for his right arm's bracelet first. It tends to be more protected and harder to reach, which is why I like to go for it first. IIRC, his breath attack breaks the laws of physics in that it always flows up, but doesn't flow down. So you can actually dodge it if you're really close to him (like within striking distance of his right arm).
I just try and stay as low as possiable lvl wise so that I can still play with people I have a lvl 65 but can't do much co op so I figured I would get the stuff I want and stay low