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Monster Hunter has raidbosses now. Neat.
Kulve isn't the first though, Frontier has the Raviente which if memory serves (from reading the Wikia wiki) the snake has it be that everyone doing the quest, which has to be done multiple times to get a kill, plus one more dedicated to carving, is fighting the exact same monster.
Get the feeling they have taken the idea from the Destiny games,
Don't like it that you have to be in the same lobby as the other players, they should allow searching for the games.

Highly recommend having 1 person on the team with an Insect Glaive, as they can constantly hit the Horns at the end, when everyone is running away from the fire on the ground.
The online game has such battles since years ago.
Raid bosses have been a thing before Destiny *** Jack!
There is this thing called Ranged Weapon it consist of Bow, Light Bow Gun, Heavy Bow Gun. They able to shoot things at pretty much distance if you ware targeting something you can't hit with melee weapon.
Lots of hate in these comments not good for you guys, remember everyone has their own way of fighting the monster. would agree it would be better to have an SOS search.
God dam, just because you seen it elsewhere doesn't mean they *****ing invented it. Holy***** people are dumb..
I hope they eventually implement a permanent quest for this monster at some point, PC players like me never really got a chance at this hunt. I heard that she will come back on September 21st but still I think it should be a permanent addition at some point as it kind of would suck if some players never get to experience a particular monster.
She was never on PC, it will have tis debut on PC soon but you never missed it on PC


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September 20th
She's a permanent monster. She just has a longer rotating schedule; she's appeared 5-6 times on console already. Her release on PC in November will be the first time she's hit the console. You've missed nothing.
Just bookmark these pages or
So all players are on the same map but invisible to each other (only your group is visible to you). So does this mean only your group gets the effects of Hunting Horns or does this effect the invisible other groups aswell?
There's a gauge called "Pursuit level" and another called "reward level". Each team, up to 4 hunters, work together in their own instances to increase these gauges every battle. The higher the pursuit level, the easier it is to defeat Kulve Taroth (KT). The higher the reward level, the more rewards won, out of 17 levels. To defeat KT, anyone from any team in that group just have to break her horns, then once everyone comes back from ther missiin
Not telling us how to unlock it is a great touch Capcom..
You get a notification to search for golden trails as soon as you sign in
As soon as you login prompts tell you to look for golden trail in expedition... just not paying attention...
I wasn't even paying attention and I saw the trail, easiest thing in the world.
I think ur just dumb
I can't find any trace of kulve taroth gold scales or whatever in any areas.. im HR45... Could anyone explain?
You gotta beat the main storyline. Slay Xeno'jiiva and the Admiral will talk to you about traces of KT. Just head to Ancient Forest and you'll find a chunk of her gold there and then you'll be able to participate.
I don't have psplus soo im forced to do this solo
Pc master race, just gonna leave that out there.
Get a PC. If on budget just reply. And don't mind the other reply he's just trying to piss you of, it's just a joke
no more bushi tickets I guess...
this is the *****ing quest that reminds you how lonely you are. ***** you capcom for a "gathering hub" only multiplayer quest and locks the best gears behind it