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By Anonymous
Doesn't provide a buff, and rations are a faster and cheaper way to increase max stamina. Only used to counter Radobaan's sleep gas or sleep toads, both of which are easily avoidable. In both cases, a hunter should only need to bring one or two along if fighting Paulumu, Radobaan, or Odogoron (when he's in the Highlands).
By Anonymous
Not sure I'd say rations are cheaper. You can make both materials (honey and nitroshrooms) at the Botanical Research Center, so once you have all three slots unlocked, it's faster to mass produce Energy Drinks than Rations, which require Oven Roasting for 4-8 rations per quest, plus actually gathering the ingredients to roast. Furthermore, both Rations and Energy Drinks have the same effect of immediately restoring Stamina on use. There are wide-area related support strategies revolving around that and having someone mount a monster (eg Behemoth) as long as possible. So in that sort of case, it's worth having as many of both as possible.
By Anonymous
*sip* yup... *flex*