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By Anonymous
how do you perform a pod throw or roundhouse on pc?
By Anonymous
Jump + Pod Fire pretty much for Pod Throw.
By Anonymous
for pod throw (SHIFT+SPACE) , roundhouse kick (SPACE+attack)
By Anonymous
Mavisually : roundhouse kick (SPACE+attack) : although i must say you should hold down [space] till you're gliding and then attack.
By Anonymous
if your pc is default controls should be spacebar+shift
By Anonymous
Clarification: for pod toss, press shoot + jump at the same time.
By Anonymous
I would add evasion here, as it is entirely unexplained for PC players.
By Anonymous
I'm adding "Rising Attack" here, because the mechanics are not explained anywhere in the game, and is a very cool attack and also let's you jump very high.
To do a Rising Attack with 2B or A2, press JUMP and, before the jump animation starts, then press HEAVY ATTACK.
To do the same with 9S, press JUMP and, before the jump animation starts, then press LIGHT ATTACK.

Rising attack can throw the enemy in the air: while it's flying, the enemy cannot counter your attack. It's totally defenseless.
So a good combo will be like: Rising Attack, then, with the enemy still in the air, continually press LIGHT ATTACK to do a mid-air light attack combo.

BONUS: Rising Attack makes you jump really high. So, if you want to reach a very high place, instead of double jumping, try Rising Attack and the JUMP.