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Is it just me or is this thing ridiculously rare? I got enough of everything else to craft both armor sets, but only got 1 ridge.
Same. I've fought it maybe seven times now altogether and only have one ridge. Guide says it has a 4 star rarity, but that's obviously *******. I can get triple gem drops three times, but ridges seem to be harder to find than astatine(rarest element in the world, with less than 30 grams in the world at any given point in time). Thought the hitboxes in this series was janky, but now the material drops are even worse.
I had the same issue
I have done the mission left an impression at least 20 times now and have not gotten a ridge from it once. Maybe its a bugged drop.
To anyone who may see this comment: Yes this thing is *****ing ridiculously hard to get. Only way i know for anyone to get it, is break his head and you MIGHT get ONE or TWO every 4 or 5 fights, Good luck!