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By Anonymous
Considering the relatively low base damage for it's class, would this be a good halberd to make mundane?
By LordBDizzle
Powerstance this in your left hand with a Partizan in the main. Full thrusting powerstance moveset . Leo Ring, Ring of Blades, Flyn's Ring and equip load lower than 60. The two physical damage rings proc four times per hit, and Leo Ring further boosts damage if the enemy is attacking. Shreds through everything, and the Partizan heavy sweep covers options as well as being bludgeoning damage with S rank dex scaling. Busted build, honestly my favorite non-spell setup in the game by a large margin. Can replace the Partizan with a second Helix Halberd in NG+ for 6 ring procs, but since you can't get one with a bonfire ascetic you do have to wait until true NG+ unless a buddy drops one for you.
By Anonymous
This is a very special weapon. R2 attacks are a thrust that can 1-2 shot most players or mobs, equip the ring of blades and flynns ring, the thrusting sweet spot gains triple effect from those rings so it will do massive damage. Good luck skeleton!
By Anonymous
A true one shot monster