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The_huntress_IF wrote:still, was supposed to be a meme refrence, oh well

smells like low quality reddit memes. i don't really have much game-play footage but i do have some for when i was experimenting with great-shields in dks3.

second video , i had mostly learned how to use them by then. 6 wins 1 loss. got my but kicked by a mage with good spacing.

first video, me learning how to use them. 5 wins 3 losses. lost to a laggy dude, a lighting twin blade build (a good fight), and someone who was just good at using a greatsword.

couple of things to note about shield bashes. vulnerable during startup and end frames but provides protection during the shield bash itself and for a short time after the recovery frames, situational usage but landing one can psych some players out, will absorb any attacks made during the bash regardless of stamina levels.