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By Anonymous
I trying to Plat ds2, I got this pyromancy now, it was the last, but the achievement doesn't count, anyone know what I can do?
By Anonymous
Yeah, I'm not going to even try to go through what it takes to get this. I read, and read, and read because there was just no way it was true because i just couldn't believe it. Beat the game 3 times, or do cancer arena pvp forever. Face it, you're not meant to have this. The devs basically removed it from DS2. The only intended purpose this pyromancy spells has is novelty and nostalgia.
By Anonymous
by the time you net 500 victories in the arena you would be totally sick of pve. what is the point?
By Anonymous
"B-b-but it requires 2 ng+ to get this spell from the ghost guy"

It's fkin worth it, ok?