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highly underrated worth getting mired in the foul stench of blood for
it's not underrated, it's hard to get it
Slow down there, buckaroo
does this count toward the pyromancer achivement?


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Yes, it does.
A pox on the son of biscuit eat derp-meister that gated this spell behind 4 playthroughs and/or pvp bs
truly the best souls game
"Ok, we've made a super powerful pvp spell that does big damage and rollcatches. How easily available should it be?" Ds2 devs: "hide it. Make it a pain in the *** to unlock, so you have to truly dedicate hours upon hours to making a strong pyro build." Ds3 devs: "lol make it available like 2 hours into the game"
In dark souls 1 you can literally get it by speedrunning to quelaag if you pick the master's key right as you get to firelink shrine. All you have to do is go down some elevator shafts, stairs and ladders, kill quelaag (pretty easy if you know what you're doing) and then join the chaos covenant. This is like, just barely below a tenth of the game. Compared to dks3 where you have to defeat at least 3 bosses and go through six areas, that's a lot easier.
I still need this for the trophy and would like for others to get it as well. We could help each other by doing kills in the arena. If you want add me (I'm on PS3) : X_REAPERxPEACE_X
Honestly, I have no problem going to NG+2 to get this instead of beating 500 players in the arena. I mean in DS3 you have to go to NG+2 to get all the +2 rings. But I'm never going to Brume Tower as a pyromancer ever again.
Am currently on NG+ on my pyromancer and am having an easy time in Fume Tower with a Fire Black Knight Sword, Flynn's Ring (Vitality 10), Ring of Blades 2 and Fire Clutch Ring. Of course, had to drop this when facing Fume Knight and Sir Alonne. For Fume Knight I use Lightning Heide's Spear, Sunlight Blade, Brightbug, Sacred Oath, the above rings but with Lightning Clutch Ring, and the Old Leo Ring. Went down in one go. I tend to have more trouble with Sir Alonne.
My favourite benefit of a build with high FTH and INT is that you can use lightning and magic damage almost as easily as a miracle/sorcery caster would, not to mention ridiculously powerful dark buffs
ds2 fanboy abpve never farmed dm blade in his life
FUUUUUUUUUCK i missed the part where it said bonfire ascetics do not apply. FML
which is better? forbidden sun or this?