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Now if only there were a list of plunderable materials on the pages of each monster. I know for a fact you can't steal every material a monster drops by plunderblade alone.
Yes, you can, but it has the same requirements you do. If a part only shows up from breaking a part, then the palico can only have it if you've broken that part. It's literally just additional rewards for each successful plunderblade attack.
I guess you can pick pretty much everything. I just got lucky and received a nerg gem with the plunderblade.
This is the best for me. I took a rathian plate w it. It's not just common drops all the time. Eases up the farming
I got a wyvern gem w this. Thing. I think a plunder blade, not Palarang, is more or less a carve.
It's more like an additional loot reward at the end of the mission than a carve. Your palico has a chance to get anything you have a chance to get, meaning for example if you've broken both horns off of Black Diablos, it could have a Black Twisted Horn+, but if you haven't then there's no chance it will. Since you always have a low percent chance of getting a gem, that means it always has a low percent chance to also get a gem.
Be advised that as this ranks up, it can make monsters drop slinger ammo, such as the bomb pod and thorn pod. The palico should always say in chat when the monster drops slinger ammo on the right of your screen.
Rather, sometimes it's slinger ammo, sometimes it's a material, it seems to be random. This is from the Palarang ability.
do we get less materials in the victory screen if we use this? Does it really add extra loot or just steals what we could have get anyway after defeating the monster?
No, you don't get less materials, you get the same amount you would have even if you didn't have this. What it does is 2 things: 1) Sometimes makes the monster drop materials on the ground like when you knock it down or it fights in a turf war, though sometimes this ends up being a pod instead of materials, just keep an eye out for when your palico says to pick it up. 2) Your palico will have monster materials on the 2nd row of its own loot screen at the end of a hunt. So, you're not seeing more or less materials on your own loot screen, but you will see extra stuff on theirs.
It seems that Plunderblade is pretty awesome in farming. Palarang.... not so much as I only get the most basic stuff out of it. lIke 50 rathian scales but I need literally any other drop..... or maybe I am unlucky


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Is there a limit as to how many materials your palico can take at the end of a quest? Because I noticed that some were missing in the rewards screen after a 3-4 monster hunt.
Idk if u already found out but the material you pick up dont show in rewards screen they go straight to ur item box
The max that palicos can carry is 4; however, anything that you pick up from your palico plundering the monster doesnt not contribute towards that amount and goes to your item box
Do I have to use it manually? or just equip it? does have a difference?
Is there a way to make it easier to see dropped materials?? Zeno jiiva is firing its beams at me and here I am running around trying to find the damn thing on the shiny crystal floor!!
theres a mod for that, i forgot the full name but in the mhw world mod tab on nexus mods just type in pillar and you should find it. it makes materials shine a lil white beam up to find them easier
Look for a mod on nexusmods called lightpillars, makes all item drops easily noticeable



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If your on console no, I have the same issue in the highlands with how bright it is

you could try turning down the gamma a bit but idk

if your on PC then theres probobly a mod