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I bought demon souls when it came out, and like so many, had my clock cleaned over and over. Forget where I left off. I got busy with work, and then an apprentice of mine asked to borrow the game. So since I wasn’t playing, I lent it to him. Anyway, he quit one day, and I never heard or saw him again. So I was out the game. As time went on, I kept watching for it on sale at future shop or bestbuy. Dark souls came along. And I got onto that. Finally it became free for PS+. So I got it, but was on my ps4 by then. Anyway time goes by, I finally got time to finish DS2, and just about done DS3. Thinking of busting out my launch PS3 60GB, and firing up Demon’s souls.

Is it worth the play through after playing the other souls? I remember being horrible and confused, I’m sure experience will help me this time.

If so, what’s the PvE build to go with? I have always played dex builds (ds was Great scythe), ds2 was estoc, DS3 is ***. Always dodge/roll/weave. Thinking I might try a magic route, unless offline I’ll get clobbered.