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By Anonymous
Does stamina regenerate on a by-point basis or a by-percentage basis? That is, does stamina regenerate at X points per second, or by X% of your maximum stamina per second
By Anonymous
Based on what I've observed in game it appears to be percentage based. But it's hard to tell since Stamina has such incremental upgrades
By Anonymous
It seems that the basis is done on a point base, though, due to the points per second being directly proportional to the level of endurance, It appears to be percent based. As long as you stay below 50% load, it should be a decent rate, regardless of your endurance level. I find that you can sacrifice armor if you prefer to block, and you can sacrifice shields if you want to roll. Roll like you would parry, although, it may be more effective to parry...
By Lionscythe
Is it worth leveling end to 80 to get 180 equip load ( with Havel's Ring equipped ) to make the 25% equip load? I have been medium rolling, I think the whole game through and have read alot about fast rolls where it is at. It would be nice to have the quicker get up and out but is it worth that much grinding? My current gear is: BKH, Longbow, Bloodshield, Full Elitie Knight Set. It totals 44.8 equip load. I like the set up I have right now, it seems the best that nothing will overcome aince it is all maxed. Well, Elite set is at +9 for all. Dont have slabs. And my shield and bow are+10. So I guess only my BKH is maxed at +5. Or is there better gear that would help lessen the load while being just as defensive?
By Anonymous
You can always try it out first, go to early areas and try out the fast roll with lighter armor or no armor and decide. It can certainly do you no harm to fast roll.
By Anonymous
Or use mixxed sets that optimize the stats youre after while having less weight than what youre currently using. No bonus for using complete armor sets. This aint Monster Hunter...(tho even in Monster Hunter you could mix certain varying sets for targeted skill points and bridge the gaps with talismans). You may also want to give attention to the Armor pieces that Increase equip load and Stamina Regen. The protection of armor is meh in the Souls series, I go for the tangible benefits.
By Anonymous
The game is so much better with the fast roll and light to medium armour. I used to be a tank, and just got bored after 2/3 of the game.
By Anonymous
not unless you are willing to sacrifice poise, which i think is good to maintain w high end build, as you can absorb attacks with ease
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By IronGolem
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Not me wanting to make a build where I only put stats into vitality, endurance, and resistance
By Anonymous
Also known as an unkillable chaos infusion demigod in heavy armor
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By Anonymous
20 vitality, 48 stamina, 46 strength. Rockin 3 pieces of Havel's set. Black knight halberd. Still upping endurance until i can use woodgrain with black knight halberd & 80 poise.

Don't need high vitality to be a tank. Who needs HP when you can have i-frames, poise, and can absorb boss attacks

Oh, and you can parry & riposte with black knight halberd. Does over 1,000 damage for me
By Demon Slayer
having over 40 STR is a bit of a waste as the actual value you get out of it is basically capped at 40 and black knight halberd has a pretty low 44% STR scaling already