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This quest is bugged. I have 42 Anjanath kills, 23 captures. I've beaten the game tried to complete everything but still don't have this. I've captured all different types of versions of Anjanath and nothing. I am Hunter Rank 103.
Quest is still bugged Going through main story, well into 7* assigments, catching up all the quests i hadn't opened Completed both optional quests for hunting anjanath, many investigations, captured several afterwards with maxed research, cleared all the low ranked arenas, etc first quest i've come across that i can't open
I guess it's not really a 'bug'; the HR arena quests seem to rotate out daily (in-game time). I had completed HR Anjanath, it just had not shown up. If you're like me and having trouble getting red completed on the HR arenas, try capturing them not in expeditions or investigations but on the HR optional quest for that monster. For me the culprit was Radobaan