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best looking armor in the Game
after Smough's set
Right next to Orenstein's set. (Sorry if I didn't spell his name right.)
Well I agree. Lautric is not too bad looking though... I mean, that crown...
Ornstein's set my man.
I'd give that honor to Ornstein's armor set. but you do have a point.
Black iron set looks better for me
Pff best one is Xanthous
patehic , every body know that best looking armor in the game is catarina set
well its very cool but nah award that to the iron set
pffft hollow soldier best set
Elite Knight Set master race
Too bad its somehow heavier than the silver knight armor
Due to the knights of Gwyn being subjected to extreme temperatures during the kindling of the flame, the metal armor has bonded with a large amount of carbon and from both the surrounding plant life. As well as some of the knights own flesh. Resulting in an armor with a makeup that essentially forms a heat absorbing lair of lattice structured composite upon the original, already versatile, transitional metal armor. Since the armor gained more material than it lost, it is now heavier and significantly more badass. You should have the strength for it by that point in the game though. As it's literally just before the final boss. I'm planing on using it exclusively through new game plus.
Does that mean the Black Knights got the N word pass?
It's got all that ash on there from being burned
Pure evil.
They're not though.
This BK Armor with the Silver Knight extremeties and no hat is a good look :P
No helmet looks like cringe
So compared to Silver Knight set Black Knight is better in every stat but lighting defense. Well nothing the lightning stone plate ring can't fix. But granted next to no enemies use lighting and every one is using a chaos Zwihander in pvp even at SL125...
you forgot to metion that silv knight weights less and has a bit of curse rsistance but thats really knight set stands greatly against pyros but a lot of people tend to use lightning weapons and so do pyros cause they run into heavy fire res imo both have em own uses but both of em are better to be used in fashion...but black knight has a total beter performance
silver knights with the n word pass
Does anyone know the poise of the set
Looks like 50
Use the hollow thief’s hood/ black knight armor/ gough’s gauntlets/ anklet of the great lord and you look like a true boss, trust me
I'll try it seems cool
guys can somebody help me with a dilemma? i recently started a BK run with pyromancies (black knight set, shield, and weapon) and i have two weapons to choose from. the BKGA or the BKS. both are amazing but i like the aesthetics of the sword better and its moveset, but the BKGA has amazing damage and a pretty good moveset too so can somebody help me decide?
Great axe fam