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By Anonymous
Doesn't deal with Vaal Hazak's effluvia miasma, for that you need Effluvia Resistance.
By Anonymous
Good to know.
By Anonymous
Does this stop Vaal's damage tick, though? I know the resistance stops the HP halving.
By Anonymous
No, it does not. But the Vaal setbonus with recovery speed and recovery up + effluvia resistsnce and effluvia expert will let you endure it
By Anonymous
The other miasma related perk, Effluvia Resistance, will stop the 50% health cap. This effect does not seem to do anything at all. Tested on AT Vaal, he still does regular damage ticks with this ability equipped. PC 04-29-2019
By Anonymous
This skill only affects the environmental damage of the Rotten Vale's lower levels. It's similar to Heat Guard and hot environments.
By Anonymous
This skill is a lie :) I farmed a lot to make up a build against AT Vaal but I still get effluvia damage with effluvia resistance maxed + this skill. So, when is supposed to use, or against which monster? P.S.: Play on PC, so I don't know if this is a shadow bug...
By Anonymous
Its meant for use against natural environ damage, i.e. the rotten vales natural damage ticks. Vaal's can't be negated, so this is for when you fight in the brown effluvium.
By Anonymous
Effluvial Expert will specifically nullify Environmental Miasma Damage only. It will have no effect on the elder dragon Vaal
By Anonymous
A Big Metal Gas Mask: Vulnerable to Effluvium
Plague Doctor Mask: Vulnerable to Effluvium
Shirt made of Bug: Immune to Effluvium
Belt made of Cobra: Immune to Effluvium
By Anonymous
If you didn’t know, plague doctor masks Weren’t to eliminate the chance of getting the plague, it was to eliminate the stench of death because they put flowers and herbs in the beak
By Anonymous
Do people not read? It very clearly says it only works on environmental effluvium.
By Anonymous
Getting real tired of this game's lack of explanations.