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Good set, but i would change the gauntlets to balder or elite knight, same weight + better protection.


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One of the most accessible medium armor sets, and a good one to start, but it is a pretty lame looking set.
True that.
Anyone else noticed that the leggings make female characters look thicc af?
No stop
If i have killed the merchant, is there no way to obtain this set unless i go to NG+ or buying the DLC?
Yes unfortunately you have to buy it from the merchant or buy the dlc.


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It looked much better in Demon's Souls
this is actually a reallly good starting set to wear for the beginning bit. Enough poise for straight swords means you wont get *****ed by 10 hollows in a small room, and early game (unless you pick knight class) this is probably some of the best poise early on. decent protection too.
Buy this set, replace the chain helmet with the warrior helm and then you’ve got some better fashion souls and slightly better physical protection.