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Hello there,

Before I get on to the topic, and if anyone still browses around these forums, I have literally just registered my account here and I saw it best to make this post out of desperation. If I have not followed a correct format or the location is incorrect, I do apologise for the lack of due-diligence. This would be my first time ever contributing to the game's society and I'll do well to do right the next time. Anyway, I'll begin.

To cut the long story short, I am a PS4 player and I bought Dark Souls II around a week or two ago (from the creation of this post). I have completed the game and have nearly attained all of the achievements except for those where I need to attain all of the spells achievements in which I'd need to participate within the covenants to gain the reputation rewards. I do love platinum trophies tallied on my PSN account and I would love to gain it on this game (I already managed to get it on Dark Souls III but I hate to have an incomplete trilogy as I'm that fanatic about the series, not to mention I'm awaiting the new remastered version for Dark Souls) but I am unsure whether that anyone is around anymore to play online, which is worrying; and yes, I do realise this game is about 3-4 years old so I have taken that into consideration, it's just that I am writing in hope that it may still be achievable yet.

Anyhow, I am looking for anyone that still plays this game online to give me some guidance or just an overall status on this game's online state. I heard things said here and there about being able to befriend other players of the same platform and just farm the rewards that way, so if I could do that that'd also be great. We could exchange player details and we could arrange to do it one time or something? ;)
I mean literally, I need the:

Hidden Weapon- Bell Covenants Reward Level 2 (Kill 30 Tresspassers)
Bountful Sunlight- Blue Sentinels Reward Level 3 (500 Victories)
Wrath of the Gods- Same as Blue Sentinels Reward
Great Chaos Fireball-Brotherhood of Blood Reward Level 3 (500 Rank points)
Sunlight Spear- Heirs of the Sun Reward Level 3 (30 Sunlight Medals)

Climax- Pilgrims of the Dark Reward Level 3 (Kill Darklurker) *

I know this is going to demand an incredible amount of time, however, my main priorities at the moment are getting the Bell Keepers and Heirs of the Sun rewards from online cooperation modes. Luckily, I can just play the game up to NG++ in order for Chancellor Welleger to promote the incredibly expensive spells to me.
* The Climax spell isn't necessary for the covenant player cooperations, but I just put it up there anyway just to show how much effort I need to put in to get these hard trophies.

Now that I have expressed my concerns and my objectives, I would like to take the opportunity to request that if any PS4 player is still active on Dark Souls II right now, could we please work together so I can attain these difficult spells? My PSN account name is: Christerpher_99

Well, that's pretty much it really, I think I've explained enough so always feel free to put a comment down; I'd appreciate a convo ;)

....If only we could just drop spells to each other....

Oh, by the way, cheers for sticking around reading the post xD


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Do you still need Sunlight Medals? I do too