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I didn't know he was a character. I just charged at him from behind screaming like a primal and killed him.
You brute!
How rude
Same lol only from the front of him, I answered no and he gave me **** so I took him out. Oh well!
That is exactly what i did, he shouldn't have blocked my path to a bonfire and he woild have lived
Same. Killed him. Judging by the maggots and his praying hands, I was doing him a favour. But not myself!
Kill Quelaag's sister, he turns amazing
If you kill the fair lady, his screams... Jesus, they really chill me to the core.
The voice acting in these games are absolutely superb


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So apparently I killed him not realizing he wasn’t a monster. I just thought there was someone in the room behind him talking.
Game bugged and there was no talk command when I got near him and had to kill him oh well no poison mist to save Solair I guess
You can still save Solaire as long as you join the Chaos Servant covenant and give Quelaana 30 humanity
So, was Eingyi the only one blowing up the latrine in the depths and contaminating the sewage draining into the moat?? What a sh!thead XD
This guy is the reason that the Fair Lady is dying. Just kill him.