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Just finished Demon's souls with a friend for the first time (we both have played Dark souls 1,2 and 3 + Bloodborne extensively) and we are both convinced that this is not only by far the easiest of them all but it is also ugly with an overall low-budget feel, anticlimactic and dare I say boring most of the time. This goes without saying somewhat since it's the first in the series but the rose-tinted nostalgia glasses some people wear in regards to this game baffles both of us.

Question: What makes Demon's souls a good Soulsbourne-game exempting the fact that it's the first in the series and it therefore spawned the rest?

We're asking since we can't for the life of us find a single redeeming factor for Demon's souls despite our utter love for the rest of the series.


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Well, for me, first off, it's the atmosphere. I just like how Demon's Souls conveys the medieval fantasy world over the Dark Souls series (exempting Bloodborne due to it's different setting and themes). It feels more classical, mystical, and, to me deep. I also preferred all of Demon's Souls's characters over those in Dark Souls. I felt they had more personality and variety than in Dark souls (which took some of the character types from Demon's Souls), such as Stockpile Thomas, the kindly, encouraging helper, the cranky and coarse blacksmiths, and the devoted faithfuls to their god. Dark Souls has these character too, but they all seem more melancholy and solemn than in Demon's Souls, with the exception of Siegmeyer and Solaire.

As for gameplay, I prefer the parrying mechanics, and greater speed and attack fluidity over Dark Souls, though I like Dark Souls's kicking, and jump attack addition to the formula. Also, I liked the magic better. It felt more fluid and powerful. The worlds were easier to navigate, and the way to progress was more direct than Some of the moments in Dark Souls that were, for me at least, too vague or lacking good direction.

There are the parts where Demon's Souls is lesser compared to the other games such as the poorer character appearance customization, lower graphics, and shorter game, but overall, I personally enjoyed it more than any of the other souls games, with Bloodborne being the only equal due to its unique take on Souls gameplay and Bran Stoker/Lovecraftian horror......and the AWESOME trick weapons.

This is coming from someone who played Dark Souls 1 first, so nostalgia isn't influencing my opinion.
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Demon's Souls for me is better than the Dark Souls series because the atmosphere of the areas like Boletaria.
I really enjoy the story and setting better than I did Dark Souls. When you would find the miserable little merchants hiding in plain sight throughout the areas and their cryptic little messages made you feel uneasy even though they had supplies for you.
In Demon's Souls you leveling up and gaining levels was bringing you closer to becoming a DEMON. You were growing closer and closer to becoming like those bosses you'd slain. If I remember right when you invaded and killed a host the message congratulated you for becoming such a strong demon.
The story of King Allant and The Old One was more engaging to me than Gwyn and his knights. I really liked how as you played through all the areas you was seeing the effects of King Allant coming back to Nothern Boletaria with these demons in tow. This game hit a note that was eerie and disconnected that it's predecessors never managed to (Bloodborne did come close at times).
Dark Souls and especially it's sequel Dark Souls 2 was more high fantasy, while I loved the games I didn't get the same feeling from them that I did from Demon's Souls, they weren't as strange or original. The Lore didn't entice me as much.
Sure the mechanics for Dark Souls and onward are more refined in every respect- as they well should be.
Saying the game is ugly compared to the other ones is silly. The game came out in 2009 and it had decent graphics
for the time. From Software didn't have the budget back then they do now either.
I still really like the graphics of this game and it still has the best intro in my opinion.
I think the game will grow on you and your friend.
Before I had played Demon's Souls I had been playing Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (for a billion hours) and I came into Demon's Souls thinking "What the hell is this supposed to be?" But it grew on me quickly, it reminded me of what Castlevania should have became after Curse of Darkness (PS2), what path it should have went down (instead of the Lords of Shadow crap).



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Aside from what's already been said:

World Tendency.

Unique weapons / magic that never got Nerfed into oblivion or weren't just blatant reskins of each other.

Many viable builds.

Complex and rewarding upgrade system that actually rewarded hardcore grinding for those Uber rare materials to make your ultimate weapon / spell.
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A lot of the above. And gameplay wise, I did a replay after three years of taking off of the game and generally I assume controls only get better with age. However, I don't feel that the Demon's Controls are any less responsive or refined for the most part. Sure you can nitpick some things I would imagine, but overall it's pick up and play with no problems.

That's actually the biggest reason I'll stop playing an "old game" is the player/character interface showing signs of age. Of course graphics will be worse, but the controls are very direct equivalents for me.

I feel this is From's true strong point as even Armored Core games prior to Demon's show a lot of refinement.

The fact that I can pick up my Dual Shock 3 and have no frustrations regarding this despite about 7 years of age and a console generation difference from what I'm currently used to is borderline miraculous.

Tl;DR: It still plays the same as the rest.
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LostMyHeadache wrote:Complex and rewarding upgrade system that actually rewarded hardcore grinding for those Uber rare materials to make your ultimate weapon / spell.

...outch, that one pure stone could have a 1% higher chance to drop, that would be a 1000% higher chance than it is today. If i rember right i never did it, always duped that stone...for a reason ( i have a real life!)

Most was already said, but here are my top reasons:

1. atmosphere - lonely, dark, a grey/brown colour palette. The first time i saw DkS i thought, that the souls game fell into a colorful paint pot, doesn't fit imo
2. CT/WT - great concept. DkS3 tried to do similar things with the NPC quests/Hollow, but WT/CT was better
3. Way better NPCs and NPC stories, i loved them all
4. The Maiden in Black - i hated the p*ssy in Majula (Majula goes right to #1) because of the cheap copy. The FK in DkS3 is better, but Mainden in Black is the best (that voice....oh my)
5. The community was very different in the good ol' days
6. The Killer in the Nexus could screw up your whole playthrough, your actions could have severe consequences
7. No USB backup possible, if you are screwed, you are screwed - watch every step you do
8. Item burden - plan your steps, or lose cool stuff
9. Maiden Astrea (always nearly crying when i have to go there)
10. Old Monk

ohh, i could go on for years....

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