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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Guessing this isn't for players? Whoever uses this skill if it's a boss, make sure to keep them out of source points. Because perma death is not good.
its a skill on a staff that drops upon killing the Sallow man in a cave on nameless isle
I've killed the Sallowman and he didn't drop any such thing
You can get this staff with undead. When the Sallow Man asks you to become Sworn and you says how, he gives you the staff and tells you to purge the godwoken.
10/10 info
Who manages this wiki anyway?

> You get the staff if you are playing Solo and give the Sallow Man [Alexander's Head]
> Once you talk to the Sallow Man, choose "what's in it for me" and he gives you a Staff. Then choose "all godwoken are dead" and the quest completes.
> By doing this, you will NOT be Sworn so you don't need the Swornbreaker.
> You can then kill the Sallow Man if you want for some extra loot.
(Make sure to consume his Soul after you kill him Twice)
You can get the staff non solo as well. Just agree to kill the other people in your party and he gives it to you. Then just kill him or w/e.
Who writes this comments anyway?

1: Wrong: only undead can get the staff, regardless if they are solo or not
2: Wrong: You get the staff regardless of the dialog choice. After that, just reject the deal. The Sallow Man will become hostile. No need to finish the quest, it has no rewards.
3: Correct
4: Consuming his Soul is one of the many many ways to get the villain tag. Other than that it has literally no benefit.
Divinity War
lol, the troll of this item...
For anyone curious, the god king casted this on me as Fane at the fight last fight with lucian, if you are sworn to him he will demand to kill him, if you submit to lucian you will get desintegrated.
Seem to only be able to get it if your party leader is undead.
what is the staff's name? i wanted to get it but so much conflicting info, this is all I could find...Do you have to be undead? STarting a new playthru since def edition and new dlc
The staff's name is "And Stay Down". Will post all my info on another comment.
I got access to this skill from a staff called "And Stay Down". I was playing as Fane and gave Sallow Man the Alexandar's head while pretending to be Almira's thrall. After I got the option to change tags (claim reward in chat or something like that) or turn away I chose to turn and walk away resulting in dialogue of Sallow Man telling me to go destroy the godwoken for good and giving me the staff that grants this skill.
Regardless of whether you opt to have a tag change (turn away or not), further dialogue with Sallow Man will give you the staff (And Stay Down) that grants this skill.