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Well now i feel bad for wanting to kill them for the gear. free resto ring tho yo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i didn't know krieg was in this game
I wish I'd realized the flower thing was an option. I didn't kill his daughter, it felt wrong; I was 90% sure she wasn't going to be toeing the Magister party line for much longer, which meant there was no real good to be accomplished with her death. I DID steal the ring while she wept over him, however. I mean, she was still part of the group that enslaved me and murdered tons of people, so there was that.
Because ques items work even from backpacks in your inventory, it is quite possible to save Migo's ring and still progress through the quest. Can't confirm it, haven't tried the ring itself, but what definitely worked was the Yarrow flower. When I found the flower, I wanted to keep my inventory as organized as possible, so I've put the flower in a backpack of my main character. I know that keys work for sure from within containers in your inventory (not by clicking on them, but by simply having them there and clicking the corresponding door), so why not the flower? I talked to Migo, "gave" him the flower through the dialogue option, he gave me his ring. But then the flower was still in the backpack, I had both the flower, that Migo "took" from me and the ring. So if you put the ring into a backpack and speak to Magister Yarrow, you might keep the ring, even if you "give" it to her. Needs testing though.
Tested: Putting the ring in your backpack doesn't keep it.
I've been looking around and I think I glitched migo. Here me out on my steps, I started as a shadow blade. As soon as I got to fort joy I went on a rampage and killed griff's crew along with all the magisterium except yarrow. I walked down to the beach but just out of range for migo to talk to me and I used chloroform on him. He fell asleep, and I got close and attacked him. He wakes up and is full health and isn't hostile and doesn't engage in a conversation with me instead had to interact with him. Upon interacting with him he said not word for word but something similar to. "You there do you happen to know anything about these assaults?" To which I had two answers " I am the one responsible for these assaults" and " I don't know anything about these assaults" if you pick the second one you have to pass a persuasion check. To which I failed since I'm level 3, but has anyone else encountered this? This is my third playthrough and have never had this happen