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Could this be considered a Kriegsmesser?
Too curved I think, but the handle does look like it.


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I think so. Just has a dark souls twist to it.
No, it's your mom
No I don't think so. They really do look like giant kitchen knives... or a German katana
I’ll have to go for a Strength & Dex build next time, so I can try using the Arched Sword instead of the Murakumo. It may do slightly more damage, but I can manage.
nobody asked.
Get owned
Murakumo's moveset is slightly different, while attacks seem very simiilar
I wonder what the moveset would be if you powerstanced it with the other Flexile Sentry sword
You gotta love how sometimes a kid in these comments appears saying stuff like
"Nobody asked"
Or "Your mom"
What a nice member of the community
you got a point i hate those people
I doubt they're part of the community, nobody likes these kind of people not even IRL
no u
I love powerstancing two of these help of bongire asstetic of course
So the ArSed Sword (hehe Arse get it?) is a giant looking scimitar, amazing with fashion souls, can't be buffed but it can be reinforced, has the same move set as Murakamo, they patched it just so it could be a little bit stronger tha Murakamo because it's a boss weapon, the most desired thing I wanted from this was this sword powerstadning it with the second ArSed Sword to have a unique secret power stance move that nobody knows and need sto be discovered (like with the Majestic GS). I literally thought that if I power stand two of those great curved blades I would get that crazy helicopter move that Flexile Sentry has when he doeas the grab atack on you.
It can be infused and buffed with spells. Powerstance moveset is the same of murakumo, you are mistaking with the warped sword.
This CG is just a Murakumo Wannabe.

Murakumo Gang rise Up!