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nice one punch man reference!
Wielding this weapon increases magic and flame defense.
I dub it the noob trap. A noob cuts off the tail, thinks "IM GONNA USE THIS WHEN IM AT A HIGH SL."
He does so.
He cries, as he gets spambackstabbed.
Dont do dragon weapons kids.
Come on man, everyone knows this is great for what it does!
power within/rtsr/dragon torso clown invasions
you too can do nearly 2k damage with an r2 if you sign up today!
Not if he uses it right. What you stated depends more on their dodgeing/defending skill
Say that to my DMB boosted Obsidian Greatsword
"I dub it the noob trap. A noob cuts off the tail, thinks "IM GONNA USE THIS WHEN IM AT A HIGH SL."
He does so.
He cries, as he gets spambackstabbed.
Dont do dragon weapons kids."

You mean people are not allowed to have fun ? so they have to play with high poise and curved swords like already over the half of the community ?
When people equate backstabs, parries, and WotG spam as having "got gud," I have to laugh, because then they meet me with my dinky Crest Shield and Avelyn and suddenly don't know what to do. Removing yourself from the status quo is greatly beneficial, as most people expect every other player they encounter to follow the same tried and true methods, but not to meet someone that can block all their precious magic and deal 350 damage from 25 feet away. I've had someone jump off a cliff when they realized their Power Within + WotG method wasn't doing ****, lol.
I’ve had quite a bit of success using this in pvp. I’ve won a lot of fights due to the shockwave ability. And if you can pull off a backstab, it’s a win.
For noice invader sonic build [Sorcerer nice to be SL120 you can continue but really no point to since these builds are almost useless] [Dragon King Greataxe +5] [Useful for 1 shot: resin, tranquil walk of peace, dark bead, magic weapon --> be aware that the better your catalist is the better damage you do magic wise (or anything else you think you may need/basics really)] Shield? Not really able to switch to it but ok Ring of Steel Protection, Favor and Protection, Cloranthy, Havel (no use really) all early access Have fun! Don't die!


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This weapon is OP, especially for a early access weapon. Just like the Drake Sword.
Not only does it require immense STR investment, but also END. The weight puts players at an extreme disadvantage if they equip this weapon, as they'll have to discard their best armor in order to move properly, even with Havel's Ring. I have 70 END, and even with Ring of Favor and Havel's Ring, I still can't wear heavy armor or even a full suit of medium armor unless I abandon my shield. It also doesn't scale with STR, but lies flat at 580 regular attack power, which is typically mitigated to around 350 per swing, not nearly enough to take down an enemy quickly, especially considering how slow this weapon is. It's cool and unique, but definitely not OP and easy to circumvent.



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The minimum stat requirement to wield it is 34 Strength while two-handing, so use it at your own will if you don't mind two-handing it and you have weapon buffs for it.
I like to use this, upgraded a few times, to level up in the painted world. Killing a bunch of enemies at once is nice.
Thats why i buyed magic: repair