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I like darksouls 2 cya blyaat
Blyat' translates to ***** not ***** btw
Edit: good Christian mods don't allow swearing, it translates to f*ck not b*tch
(⌣_⌣”) dark souls 2
Ultra Greatswords are MEANT to be two-handed, so you could hold them in one hand?
Actually you can hold anything with one hand the point is, is it effective that way?? Actually if you have the strenght maybe ...
I one hand a zweihander with a sheild in my other. Its worked for me so far, just remember your attacks are slow and it takes a sec before you can pull up your shield.
Duel wielding for your Capra Demon cosplay
Not many ultra greatswords. Dang man.
Why are you*****?
The black knight sword and black knight Greatsword have same base damage and penetration so what’s the difference
One is greater
The black knight great sword has much better scaling in strength (B scaling) and more stunlocking potential than the black knight sword.