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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Songs I've seen: Negaste Stun, Increased Affinity, Live Recovery, Stamina Use Down, Defense Up, and Earplugs. Not sure if that's all of them, and I expect the wiki to have this seemingly basic information. Specially considering how long the game has been out. Seems to be a pretty common theme here.
came here for the information you mentioned... leaving since im disappointed with their wiki page -_
Let me fix that really quick
Y'all who are like "This wiki doesn't have this information, it sucks", do you understand that wikis are written by visitors and freely editable? If you don't add the information you have to the actual page, but complain that there isn't information on the page... you realise that you're expecting something from other people that you are unwilling to provide yourself, right? The wiki isn't written by a bunch of people paid to write it...


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updated the page now to include more information. Anyone that can help describe the strength/power of some abilities, feel free to add them to the table. I know for example that the Earplugs provide show the Earplug (Small) icon, but if this is earplugs level 1, 2 or 3 is unclear for example.
In other words, "I want something for nothing and I'm going to whine when I don't get it!" Sound familiar?
"I want something for nothing" Well yeah no***** that's what a wiki is. This wiki is really bad compared to just about any other triple A game's wiki, so a certain level of quality is expected.
Lmao, dumb people complaining about a wiki, without adding anything to it. I guess most of this pages visitors are as lazy as them.
most useful gagdet for your dumb cat. Nothing is better than a free HH buddy
How dare you call it a dumb cat? My palico is the best companion!
horn= attack drum= defence
there's also an antidote song the cat can play, idr if its the horn or bongos but i think its bongos
Sometimes, very rarely, your palico will use the horn to heal some of your red health. Happened to me once