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By Anonymous
10/10 Most useless weapon in demons souls would rather use a broken sword!
By Anonymous
"Needle of Eternal Agony" - the agony of doing no goddamn damage.
By Anonymous
if you kill em too fast it wont be agony right
By Anonymous
Only weapon that comes close is the fist weapons
By Anonymous
I think it's for sewing.
By Anonymous
Best weapon so far
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By SlaveKnightKos
I think the name is meant to describe what it would be like to kill something with it
By Anonymous
its a cool looking weapon to off hand parry with if your going for a Fat Vit Faith Cleaver Dump build, but it's basically just a ornament.
By Anonymous
Why is this a rapier? How do you stab someone with what is essentially a meat hook?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Get it and find out
By Anonymous
Does this stack with the Silver Bracelet, Ring of Avarice, and Soul Thirst?
By Anonymous
Idk but it’s useless anyways