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Lame. It should have exposed summon signs as well, like they did in DS3
DS3 is the sequel to DS1, not the other way around, so stfu.
Well there's not much of an excuse for DSR. They could have change it but they chose not to.
it's called a remaster, not a remake *
jeez you don't need to be a*****about someone pointing out that this miracle does next to nothing and they should of tweeked it to make it useful. it's jerks like you that make this community look toxic af
Try tongue but hole


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"Display more guidance from other worlds" Other Worlds: ( • )( • ) ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
Could this Miracle be the one and only true definition of "useless"?
To a new player it could be useful, but to us, it's worthless.
Situational awareness is yet another tool at your disposal. Increasing the odds that you'll see other messages improves your chances for gathering intel about the area, as well anytime you rate (upvote only, i believe) a message, the owner of that message will get a sudden heal or flask, in game. I do believe one's messages only show up to other's while that specific character/build is being played. I don't know about you, but I still enjoy leaving little clues and getting a nice heal during a boss fight or so.



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Guidance: "Displays more guidance from other worlds." Me: *Chin stroking intensifies



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Very cool. I just wi***** had more spell uses so finding the messages would be easier...
Use it in pvp and watch everyone panic