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matchmaking on Ps4 still sucks ***. a million players in the european union and i only find like 10 quests open on the board?!?!?!

btw I tell you how they do patches...they look your youtube videos and fix what you find, not what they find !
you have zero idea how this games matchmaking works do you, when looking at the quest board you will only find missions from people in your Lobby unless you search for SOS flairs, please learn more than simple english before complaining that somthing doesnt work
No one uses the Gathering Hub.
The spirit helmbreaker patch doesn't work. tried it out and nothing has changed. i get knocked or roard out of the sky.
Is there gonna be another patch to fix this?
Happened to me today vs Nergigante, not fair. Especially on a roar.
Damn just started using the charge blade and here comes the spicy nerfs.
The nerf really isn't that bad. Elemental CB are slightly more viable and Diablos CB can still get around 80-100 dmg per phial burst off of a SAED, whereas before it was peaking at around 130 dmg per phial burst (while stacking attack skills... au7 + peak performance + artillery 3), which was clearly pretty broken. I'm noticing a very minor difference in my kill times and it's nice that attack up isn't as important anymore. I've been getting by with au4 + weakness exploit + artillery + handicraft post patch on the diablos CB. Hitting weak spots with the SAED axe swing makes up for the lost phial damage. You can still spam SAED, you just have to aim now ;)
I hope they'll expand on the Siege Event more in the future. Could work really well for other walkers too. Lao-Shan, Yama, and so on. So many possibilities.
Please, pour on lots of new monsters already.
Please, fix Longsword​ spirit helmbreaker still knock-back in the air.
please fix connection errors
they should patch out the roar spamming and the weird flying into the ground glitch