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Actually it's a really nice class to start if you aim for DEX, STR or Quality build boosted with some low level spells.

12 FAI will give you ability to use Heal, Force and both Gravelord Sword Dances. With Thorolund talisman they will have power compared to having 33 FAI with normal talisman so it's a really nice boost.

16 INT will give you ability to use all 4 Soul Arrow types, 2 Magic Weapons buffs, 2 Magic Shield buffs, Hidden Body, Cast Light, Repair, Remedy, Dark Orb & Bead, and bunch of other less popular but occasionally usefull spells. With Oolacile Ivory catalyst they will have power compared to having 27 INT with normal catalyst so it's good but more important many of them will make lots of game parts easier. If you will run STR or Quality build you can even use Manus catalyst for dark sorceries.

Finally get at least 16 ATT to get at least 4 spell slots for this toys. You can get more if you want more equipped at the same time and you can of course mix this setup with pyromancies to be even more prepared.

Now you can focus on your chosen physical build. Yeah sure you will have higher level compared to other pure physical builds BUT you will be much more versalite (extra damage from buffed weapon, additional heals, light source, etc) and all of this stuff will give you great edge in PvE and also will be helpfull in PvP (force and chameleon on some tight ledge...? Sooo evil).
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It's a decent class to take if you are going to use any of the Artorias swords.
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fr fr this weapon IS fire tho kinda goated with the sauce no cap
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parry - bonk
roll, roll backstabonk
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That's weird, I though deprived in souls games was always lvl 1.
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In Ds1 Sl1 runs are made with the pyromancer.
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ooga booga unga bunga man build is best build.
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Has the highest starting level lmao
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its sad...
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This is actually the best class simply because you have a club. I didn't know that the catacomb wasn't a place for beginner when I first started the game, it was simply because I can bonk those skele mofos easily with a bit of practice and rage(because the little guy keeps doing that quick 2 swipes move that 1shot me). That said I still have to look up info about those reviving skeletons. Life is also pretty ez with bow and arrows, I ain't dumdum enough to go in blindly. I am also one of those people who think def and vigor are pointless, just don't get hit.
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Just two hand the club and go to town.Practically naked? Well, shields are nice, but not if they engender passivity.