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hey i use the deprived and its probably the best dark souls run i've had so far!
likewise. First time picking him and just wrecking bosses. PVP it's a more even spread though. That said, I don't play to the metagame, so people are outclassing me with gear more than skill.
Me too lol
The one true class.
I love the challenge of this build, and I feel like this one actually makes the most sense RPG wise. Not for everyone and there are no benefits gameplay-wise, but it's cool to rise above nothing.
I think this is a little misleading; The Deprived has equal stat distribution, and at level 6. " Horrible" stat distribution is just not true, as this is, again equal. This Class has the most opportunity to do anything and everything. The jack of all trades if you will. You just have to deal with sub-par everything for awhile, and Farm. F.Y.I YES! THIS CLASS IS VERY HARD! DO NOT PLAY IF NOT A VETERAN OF THE GAME! Sure he can't start with a faith build, but he has more of a chance of one compared to most other classes. Just so you know.
I picked Deprived as my first ever souls class and it's not hard. Club is easy to use and you really won't need a shield.
'doesn't even have the decency to wear pants' hah!
Is it bad that I started with this class and loved it?
not at all,best class ever!
Deprived and thief are actually the only classes that make sense from lore perspective, since the deprived is naked, just like all the hollows, so a regular prisoner, and the thief... maybe he tried to rob a guard, but ended up getting arrested? However for example why should there be one guy in a full knight armor?
They say right in the beginning that all undead are corralled to the northern undead asylum
Useless starting class