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Didn't spawn at the bridge for me for some reason :(
By Anonymous
I use this shield for my awesome OC Crimson Wolf the Reaper, paired with the chaos blade and gold-hemmed black set
By Anonymous
Jesus christ
By Anonymous
I bet you commissioned someone on deviantart to draw art of your OC as well.
By Anonymous
Definitely my “ol standby” next to the grass crest shield. Cool design, lightweight, good stability, and boosts resistances.
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By Anonymous
ignore dat guy this shield is cracked
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By blockheadpersonYT
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Bro this is OP, used it on Dark Sun Gwyndolin, absolutely f*cked him
By Anonymous
you f*cked dark sun gwyndolin? pog get that femboy booty
By Anonymous
He a whole *** snack, double wide, put some mustard on that thang.
By Anonymous
Cringy replies aside, what does this shield have to do with Gwyndolin? He doesn't apply curse, bleed or poison.