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best pve shield
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By SlimeC0RE
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Only if you’re using the lifehunt scythe. I personnaly prefer the IRS.
By Anonymous
International Revenue Service. LUL
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By 2pacBishop
Is this shield better than spider shield
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I think definitely yes. Bloodshield raises bleed, poison and curse resist even if you wear it on the back while 2handing not just stopping the buildup when blocking. and the spider shield dont protect against curses. Anyway the spèider shield is a great shield to and obtainable from the beginning trough starter class or looting it very easily
By Anonymous
Depends on if you want a light or medium shield
By Anonymous
Spider is better if you want to avoid poison and toxic while blocking, such as in Blighttown. Otherwise, Bloodshield is better imo.
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BS+GH is so good
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By Anonymous
Bloodshield + Gargoyles Halberd I think. Adds a lot of status resist and GH is a pretty good weapon in general.
By Anonymous
Def Gargoyle Halberd, I stumbled onto this combo on accident and it carried me through the painted world on my first run.
By Anonymous
What are the best upgrades for this Sheild using the lifehunt scythe?
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the best upgrade for shields are always the standard path
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Alexandros Karpas
By Anonymous
Stelio Cantos
By Anonymous
Coolest standard shield.
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A reliable shield with a lot of resistance and a nice design. The best protection is not always everything. Fashion Souls!
By Anonymous
Designed by Alexandros Karpas
By Anonymous
He really didn't deserve to win the contest
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kolompouro moment
By Anonymous
So it is a 3 wght shield with a nice design, 100% phys block, 70% fire block AND a bonus effect?? Why, sign me up!