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I can't cultivate more than an half tab of items... I dont figure out how to add more, any helps?
You have to complete optional quests. Some quests will give you mushrooms, some herbs and some others will give other stuff. I have completed all optional quest all the way to level 5 and I have 4 tabs of stuff and can cultivate 3 things at a time.
Try doing the optional quest where you gotta go to the woldspire waste and getting 20 cactus plants.
Somebody fail to add laid-back botanist info? If anyone was curious he's your man for unlocking more cultivation items. Just do all his quests and that tree will be doing you wonders.


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What quests Unlock more Grow Options?????
The lowrank optional quest that are given by botanists give the diffrent growoptions
Still not entirely sure how to harvest what's been grown there, if I stand next to the basket no options come up..
if you talk to the botanical research chief theres an option called harvest, it takes you to your harvest box where you can pick up all the items you've grown
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how do u get a storage solution quest to appear i can cultivate 3 and box is at 20 im well into iceborne now but wanna finish up everything
You have to complete box upgrade quests that you skipped.
Your box should actually be at 30. There must be a quest from the base game you've missed, you'll need to do that one first.
You can now cultivate up to FOUR items thanks to Iceborne. To receive the quest to do so, you must complete all the precious harvest box quests from the base game and then do a quest or two from the botanical research guy.
Really? I haven't played MHW since I moved, but 3 is already a lot.
This guy is the MVP runner-up behind the Smithy for sure.