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my poogie plopped himself down and went to sleep when I took him to the canteen
The controller needs to vibrate
I put mine down behind the Cantina counter and it ran away. Just being on the same floor won't do it.


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There are only 3 spots at the canteen (that I know of) that Poogie will dig at.
1. Just right of the Gate
2. Far right at the table next the the stairs to the workshop
3. Next to the Handler
Same, he doesn't run away from the canteen


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Just added a map with Poogie's dig locations. Hope it helps.
Did you notice your typo :P "Hihj-quality pelts"
3 has a ounce bomb, and I've gotten max potion, been testing out each spot a few dozen times to see what I'll get, will post again later
My bad, Max potion from 7, and I got a blue mushroom from 2
Nitroshroom on 2 as well, moving on to the next location
Nitroshroom in 2 as well
Light crystal and armor sphere at 8
Monster bone+ from 6, Max potion at 9
Whaaat?! you can get vouchers from the pig? Thank you, definitely worth petting the pig now!
Just a fair warning, emperor's new duds you can't actually get until you've beaten xeno'jiva I'm pretty sure
Is the voucher a one time thing?
I've only gotten it once.
I get vouchers from poogie almost every other quest. If vouchers aren't available he won't squeal or vibrate the controller.
The controller vibrates next to the handler, but when I put him down he just runs away. Am I doing something wrong?
It's not after every quest, expedition etc
But every 2nd
all the replies you got are idiotic, including mine
The area between 1 and where your captured monsters sleep, poogie will dig in the corner for dung.


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The pig has been in the game since the PS2 at least, back then it was just said if you pet him you would have good luck on the quests, then the cheat disks came out and everyone had good luck all the time lol.