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Dark Souls has become Too Dark Souls.
Do they still drop humanity if Nito is defeated?
Yes they still drop the humanity after Nito is defeated since they drop hard humanity not soft humanity.
"Attacks: Adorable baby hug." Are you sure these are really enemies? : |
Someone should also add that you have around 1.5 seconds to pick up the humanities they drop before they despwan with the body.
Aggro a heap of them then run away and sneak back to see them dancing in a circle. Creepy as hell but oddly cute.
I have had a revelation the little guys are exactly like fortnite players 1. Toxic as heck. 2. Childish as can be. 3. There's always more than one of them. 4. Always keep coming back until you hit with a "divine" weapon aka call them a virgin. 5. And finally they can do nothing to you. lol
Fortnite bad



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I love how it says babies of skeletons and not skeletons of babies
skeletons gotta have a good bonin’ from time to time ;)
Baby. That's all I have to say.
Insert Dead Baby joke here.