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I’m still not sure why basic torches do so much damage

Makes me want one to see how much damage they really do
By far the most underestimated enemy in the entire franchise.
came here just to comment how much I hate these guys. Your character can be basically a demigod and underestimating these things will still get you killed
Don’t walk past these guys. Just started new game+ and i figured “i only had 15 vitality and they couldn’t kill me before, and now I’ve even got black knight Armor for fire defense. I’ll be fine”. Then i got wrecked. These enemies are so stupid
I never understood why these guys have so high poise damage. The other day I have done some poise testing on those guys out of pure curiosity because i got stunlocked and almost died while wearing full elite knight set which gives 46 poise, which surprised me. So I played around with different armor sets and different poise values. It turned out that for their regular attacks you need at least 48 poise to not get stunned by single attack. I wasn't able to get exact min poise value for their frenzy charge, but It is higher than 53. I am not sure if this some kind of development oversight or devs knowingly made this enemy so dumb
Frenzy charge needs higher than 161 poise to not get staggered on. Good Luck!
Parrying them looks hella weird
These guys reminds me of those hollows with dark infused broken sword from the gutter that somehow does a retarted amount of damage with a useless looking weapon. What was From thinking?
literally the definition of "tard strength"