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That *****in crown looks ridiculous
All the crowns do
Especially the xanthous crown
Really? I would say the crown is the best looking part, especially combined with the black knight chest piece.
i hate it too
The final boss of a game renowned for its bosses drops piss-poor gear. Seems legit.
"Thank you Dark Souls 1"
He doesn't drop it
buy Great Lord Set will ng+ unlock?
No when you kill Gwyn, you link the first flame. Then you automatically get put in ng+. Then go find Domhnall, and buy the amour.
Y’all are forgetting no one has his majestic beard
Does this set include combustion at any random moment
I was pretty disappointed when I bought it....I was expecting something more badass looking...just like I was disappointed that his sword doesn't do cool fire stuff when you get it. However curse resist on this armor is sweer
But hey at least the sword is one of the best
I think the chest piece is amazing, but overall pretty boring.
Looks like someone's having a birthday party at burger king!! I kill everything in dark souls remastered fast roll with katana magic dark sun crown and channelers set.
You sound like cancer.
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