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Rest in Peace
The server's are now offline forever
Not anymore...
Fresh meat's back on the table boys!
yuri's serveur work great ! it's non-official serveur, it still work and community are here on discord
How do you connect :)?
You can still play on Yuri' s server. Check r/demonssouls and look for "the state of the private server" for info about it and how to connect!
Yuvi's, not yuri's. Yuvi's. And now the typo is forever. :(
AUN puede jugar online
Como puedo jugar online desde ps3 please =(
Insira o DNS do servidor privado do Yuve nas configurações do seu PS3 que vai conectar,


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Will there be a Fextralife password for this game as well?
Invaders get nothing other than their body restored I believe
I’ve not been getting souls for defeating a Host while invading. What’s the deal?
Invaders get nothing other than their body restored I believe



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You do get souls, I think, depending on the soul level of the player.
Don’t you get their souls? Whatever they have on them? That would explain why you didn’t get any, the player didn’t have any at the time.