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So diablos isnt brute?
Im guessing he's fanged
Diablos is a flying wyvern. Brute wyverns don't have wings and walk on 2 legs.
Diablos I believe, is a flying wyvern.
Technically Diablos is a Flying Wyvern. Don't ask me, but its description says it can fly but its body is too heavy to constantly fly so it digs.
So if you open up your Monster Guide. Above their name it tells you the type of brute it is. Unfortunately I havent gotten to Diablos (its next in quest), but thats a way to determine the type :)
Diablo's is considered a flying Wyvern
Anjanath is a found dinosaur
ur mum a found dinosaur
where is glavanes
How is Glavanes
Can somebody put acidic Glavenus on there?
acidic Glavenus and glavenus are not brute wyverns, they are flying wyverns.
First responder are... are you high? Did you mean Diablos? Glavenus is not a flying wyvern in any way.
Yes "second responder"
Ree, added Brachydios. Hope it doesnt look isiotic.
Anjanath has wings when it's pissed off