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What About Standard Commendations, Like The 2 Required For The Sworn Rapiers +?

(Are They Gained The Same Way)


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You get one everytime you beat Zorah Magdaros quest. Not sure where to get it aside from that.
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You can also get them whenever you take on quest to slay and Elder Dragon. I've been farming Nerg for the last few days and I've gotten one every run.
Damn ive been slaying nerg in investigation but doesnt get it, only work on quest i think
what do you use them for?
for now i only see godly helmet with weaknes exp2 and 3tier crystal slot that u can craft having this item
use them to git gud
When the comments have been more useful than this site, thank you all.
How do I cash in these items to get things from them?
Collect them and something wonderful may happen! what happen then?
Do repeating quest grant the item again?
Yes, repeating quest grants the reward again.