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It's cool looking and good for a collector, but a transient curse far out does the usefulness of a ghost damaging knife, and ghosts drop transient curses for me like spare change
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This weapon + ring of calamity + curse + dusk ring + soul level 1, sounds good to me.
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Didn’t even know this thing existed
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I just wish there were more banshees. Currently farming for this and only having two chances per run is painful.
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took me 75 runs to get it and im never gonna use it
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I got it first try when I first played and I didn't know it was that good
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It isn't good, it's just rare
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-dark spirit boogeyman has invaded -Halloween theme starts playing
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My method for if you want to farm this rare item:

(instructions are based on NG file)

-Get 10+ Humanity
-Equip Covetous Gold Serpent Ring
-Have Symbol of Avarice ready to go (I start with it off, you can keep it on or put it on as you're about to get to the Banshees as I do)
-Have a weapon that can quickly or easily 1-shot Ghosts. I used +15 Balder Side Sword (+Transient Curse) which 1-shots with any R1 attack (except following roll)
-Be sure you've drained New Londo and have kicked the Aqueduct ladder down for the shortcut

-Start at Firelink Shrine
-Run downstairs and take the lift
-Send the lift back up as you leave
-Leap over the wall and run to New Londo
-Consume a Transient Curse as you get to the end of the 2nd plank bridge
-Kill the 2 Ghosts and run up the stairs
-Kill 2 more Ghosts at the top of the stairs, then run off the edge/down the slope toward the Aqueduct shortcut
-Climb up the ladder (Equip Symbol of Avarice as you climb for pro speedrunnner strats)
-Run straight & down the stairs, through the doorway, running R1 to kill the rising Ghost, head right, follow the lip, running R1 to kill the Banshee, pray
-Run back the way you came and follow the Aqueducts to the haunted funhouse. Ignore the Ghosts that follow from here
-Drink up and enter the haunted house. Stay in the first room you enter, with all the pots. This is the most dangerous part by far - I kill all the Ghosts here before proceeding, as it usually takes a few seconds for a Banshee's drop to appear on the ground and I don't want to get overwhelmed before I can loot. Drink/R1 through the onslaught until they stop coming. Should only take a few seconds.
-Run to the Banshee's room, running R1 to kill her and the 2 rising Ghosts, pray
-Bone out, unequip Symbol of Avarice during your character's rising animation (MAXX pro speedrun timesaves), and repeat

You should be operating at a profit of Transient Curses as you'll be killing a lot of Ghosts with 410 Item Discovery, or close. The Banshees also drop Transient Curses, which will give you a lot of false hope moments. Keep at it, this is one of the rarest farmable items ingame!
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Symbol of avarice doesn't scale with covetous gold serpent ring
By Anonymous
Avarice helm and Gold Covetous ring do NOT stack. Use one or the other with 10 humanity for 410 item discovery. Silver Covetous ring does stack with avarice but only for extra souls.
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aww **** yall are right im scrub. i would just go serpent ring in that case
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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Tonbe fair a lot of us didn't know that BUT, due to wearing the Avarice helm you've still been getting a lot more Souls then normal so it isn't a total loss.
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kitchen knife
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God damn. I farmed about 130 transient curses while trying to get this knife. Took a while even with 10 hum and the gold serpent ring.
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Methinks, this knife belonged to Ricard’s Wife
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Did he have two wives