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So yeah. I did it. My friend got a set and showed me Skyrim, Moss and a slew of demos. I was hooked. Bought one of my own a few days later.

I got Skyrim with the bundle sale and definitely plan to pick up Moss soon.
I also plan on eventually getting the new Resident Evil for VR. I haven’t played the series since 1 and 2, and admit to having it scare me into jumping many times back in the day. Probably the first game to ever make me do that. So I’m looking forward to reliving that intensity in VR.

I was also pretty impressed with the Rush of Blood demo. Seemed worth checking out.

I typically play RPG and strategy games, but everything is feeling so new and interesting in VR that I’m pretty open to suggestions outside of those genres.



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Rush of blood is really fun. Haven't done a ton of games yet, but that and Bound I'd highly recommend
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