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I hear that lvl 5 Guard makes Sw & Sh pretty strong, anyone know if this actually works?
I know with lance it makes you a now to block Nergigante big attack without damage
I know this is old but for anyone wondering about Guard with SnS; yes, it works rather well. There are some attacks you'll still take a little damage from, like most things, but it's very minimal so you can stay right in there, especially with something like a health augment. It's currently one of my favorite solo builds for tempered investigations.
Lvl 5 guard make you stay still during an attack and make a quick response. Combined with guard up you block most attack s in the game.
Does this affect HBG shield?
works on every block
It works so well on HBG's shield, in fact, that you can reach the threshold of never flinching more than the base block recoil animation on anything HR can throw at you, especially if combined with Uragaan's Guard Up armor set bonus, and x3 HBG Shields. You can stand right in the middle of Xeno's channeled beam attack and take no damage, though your own damage output will obviously suffer as a result.
Does this apply to a charge blade's Guard Points?


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I believe it does, yes.