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Looted one at Pribyslavitz, not sure if guaranteed.
Can be get from killed guardian near Merhojed in the north-west camp.
I believe this is one of (if not the) best full helmets, at least among those offered in the base game. The main reason being that while it does falter in slash resistance, I would argue that its high blunt resistance is a better tradeoff in terms of defense. Another important point is that the field of view seems better with the visor down, though this can be more of a subjective point. I tried the italian bascinet and Grand bascinet and thought their visor was a bit too visually obstructive. I found mine off a "higher leveled" armored bandit among the roads north-east of monastery. Cumans and tougher bandits do tend to spawn there.
Whoops! I meant *northWEST of monastery